Meet the organisers

It is clear from Chris’s post that research activity is strongly encouraged in LLS.  So much so, that when the idea of a departmental conference was mooted, there was no question about whether it would happen, only when.

Thus is was that a small group of us – Nick Dimmock, Charlotte Heppell, Fiona MacLellan and myself (Miggie Pickton) – found ourselves planning and organising our first ever conference.

The team: Charlotte, Nick, Miggie and Fiona

Charlotte has taken charge of publicity, commissioning HeppDesigns to produce artwork for our banners, web pages and leaflets.  We love the big ‘r’ for research and the strong ‘research active’ message.  Charlotte has written most of the text that has been circulated by email to our internal and external networks and is coordinating dissemination.

Fiona is our conference administrator.  If you are an external delegate you will probably have been in touch with her already and internal delegates will have used the Eventbrite web page that she created. Fiona brings lots of enthusiasm to the preparations – she was last seen getting very excited about name badges!

The blog that you are reading now is Nick’s work. Having a technically minded person on the team is a huge advantage to the rest of us.  Nick chose to use a hosted WordPress blog with a clear visual design and has been populating it with details of the conference.

Which just leaves my role.  As leader of the library’s Research Support Team I’m tasked with ‘coordinating and managing practitioner research’.  So supporting the conference follows naturally from my day job, and that’s my contribution: to support and encourage colleagues to take part.  And of course to write the odd blog post.

Over the next four weeks all of us will be posting to the conference blog.  We’ll be sharing our experiences of organising the conference and keeping you up to date with its progress.  Please follow our progress and, even better, come and meet us on June 19th to see how we did.


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