Making minute madness

One of my tasks for the conference is to organise the ‘Minute madness’ sessions. Minute madness is a medley of one minute talks by staff in Library and Learning Services. I see it as a cross between ‘Just a Minute’ (albeit there may be repetition, hesitation or deviation) and ‘Mock the Week’ in which comedians’ compete to take the floor and wax lyrical on a given subject.

These mini-talks are an opportunity for LLS to provide snapshots of other research going on, demonstrate impact and share ideas for potential projects. So far we have a number of interesting topics including: the rationale behind implementing a roving service, History reading lists and the NSS and the decision-making process on updating the VLE – Blackboard.

The skill behind Minute madness is to be able to pare down what may be a complex concept into a speedy and succinct bite-size chunk which hooks the listener in. Easier said than done, but done it will be because when the clock hits 60 seconds – you’re out!


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