Twitter and the LLS conference

As the conference administrator, and also the most regular Twitter user in the department (as far as I’m aware) I volunteered to be responsible for setting up a Twitter account (@LLSresearchconf) I also have been the person Tweeting from this account, although Twitter logothe lovely Nick managed to get the blog posts automatically Tweeting for us!  For the day of the conference however I’ve handed over the tweeting controls to someone else as I’m unfortunately not going to be able to attend the conference.

As part of the promotion strategy for the conference I felt it important to include the links with professional networks on Twitter, which is used by a fairly large group of library and information science professionals as well as several academics from the University of Northampton.  As well as setting up the Twitter feed, I choose the Twitter hashtag #LLSconf12.  This gives a way of following the conference without attending, assuming people are Tweeting about it of course!

I’ve also set up a Twitter archive which enables anyone with the link to view the Tweets containing the conference hashtag.  Alongside this I’ve also set up a Lanyrd page for the conference, for those who like to keep track of all the events they’ve attended via this tool. This isn’t proving as popular with conference attendees as I’d hoped, however as it took only a few minutes to set up then I feel it has not been a total waste of time and energy.

For those who are attending the conference, there will be wireless access in the central part of the conference venue, between the main lecture theatre and the conservatory where lunch is being served.  Please do feel free to Tweet comments or thoughts from the conference, I for one am looking forward to reading through the Tweets and catching up on all the excitement I’ve missed.  To aid the Tweeters, I’ve included the Twitter names that were given on registration forms on the conference name badges.

As this is my final post this side of the conference I hope you all enjoy it, I’ll be back after the event with some statistics and (hopefully) interesting facts regarding the conference and its attendees.  Don’t forget, even if you can’t make the day you will hopefully be able to follow the Tweeters comments via the #LLSconf12 hashtag and we’ll be putting up some posts and pages on the blog after the event giving copies of some of the posters and presentations.

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