A quick look at feedback

We received 36 evaluation forms at the end of the conference, asking attendees to rate us in seven areas and provide general feedback. The feedback was very positive! This is very encouraging for us, and we’re delighted people were happy with the day.

Here’s an overview of the ratings received for our seven areas (click to enlarge):

Feedback score graph

You can (possibly) see from this that the majority of the scores we received were 5s – top marks! The only area that saw a mark of 3 – several, in fact – was networking opportunities. This is doubtless due in part to the majority of the attendees being University of Northampton staff, but in future conferences we will have to consider how to improve networking opportunities for our visitors from other institutions.

Several fours for suitability of venue and quality of facilities may reflect the variable wi-fi reception some attendees encountered on the day – despite the general satisfaction of the scores, it’s obviously important for attendees and the conference itself that lines of social communication are as open as possible, and this has been duly noted.

Here’s a breakdown of the mean average scores received:

Mean average conference scores

Again, networking opportunities score lowest, but still manage a pleasing 4.5. A unanimous 5/5 for event organisation is always a welcome site to an event organiser. The mean average of all scores was 4.79, and over half our respondents awarded us 5s across the board.

Many thanks to those of you who handed in your forms or provided other feedback. If any attendees have feedback they’d like to give, please feel free to do so in the comments for this post, or on the entries for any of our presentations or posters. You can also contact us on Twitter.

We’ve also received some qualitative feedback in the form of comments on the evaluation sheets and the blog, which we’ll take a look at in another post.


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