Keeping the momentum up…

Miggie Pickton, Nick Dimmock and myself attended the final DREaM Conference on Monday 9th July. The DREaM Project (Developing Research Excellence and Methods) came about from a grant by the AHRC, with the  purpose of  developing a formal UK-wide network of Library and Information Science (LIS) researchers. For me, it was really interesting to see what what was being done to promote research in LIS organisations and how seriously this is being taken.

Miggie and I were mad enough to do another Minute Madness; Miggie’s on our approach to research in Library and Learning Services at the University of Northampton and mine on the LLS Conference itself. I managed to run out of time as usual and missed out on mentioning the impact of the conference, but it was good fun as you can probably see from the following video

Good things have come out of the LLS Conference, both internally and externally. Our Vice-Chancellor, Nick Petford has become involved in our drive to improve the student experience of using reading lists, by adopting a top-down approach to the use of Talis Aspire and there has been lots of interest from the wider sphere of LIS organisations interested in doing something similar. Jo Alcock was kind enough to give us a mention on the final DREaM event blog which has helped spread the word even further and we really hope that we have inspired others to follow in our footsteps.


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