Moving on…

IMG_0074The inaugural LLS conference in 2012 was a celebration of the research activity undertaken then by Library and Learning Services staff at the University of Northampton.  Fortunately, the enthusiasm and energy demonstrated at that event have continued to drive our work and, inspired by the success of the conference, more colleagues than ever before have been bidding for funding, seeking collaborations and actively engaging in research activity to inform their practice.

So two years on, we are preparing for LLS Conference 2014.  We have a full programme of events, including research presentations, posters and, of course, the highly popular ‘minute madness’ slot.  As before, we have representation from all teams in LLS, and we hope to involve even more LLS folk on the day.

Since we are now hoping to make this a biennial event, we have decided to move the blog to a more sustainable platform.  We will be using ‘MyPad‘, the University of Northampton’s implementation of Edublogs, a WordPress based blogging tool.

This will therefore be our final post on this blog.  We are grateful that our readers found it sufficiently interesting to ask the British Library to preserve it in the UK Web Archive and we hope that you will follow us to our new home.

Thank you for your interest and support.



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