And the Silver Award goes to…

On Friday 9th November, I attended the CILIP PPRG Award event along with my colleague Jenny Townend. It was fantastic to meet with like-minded people who feel so passionately about libraries and marketing. On behalf of the Library and Learning Services conference team I accepted the Silver Award for Excellence in Marketing. Here is what the judges had to say about our entry:

“The judges particularly liked the wide range of communications tools used, and especially the high quality of the blog and the innovative use of a widget. They were also impressed by the clearly-defined target groups and the use of professional designs for the branding, which was very attractive. Evaluation was carried out both by traditional means and by the use of video and audio interviews, resulted in very rich data which was accessible in a variety of formats. As ever, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and, with the original target of 30 delegates way exceeded (there were 86 on the day) this was clearly a deservedly successful initiative.”

For more details about the event and to see our presentation on Slideshare, take a look at the CILIP Publicity and Public Relations Group  website


Guest speaker: Charles Oppenheim

We’re delighted to add Professor Charles Oppenheim to our conference programme. Charles was Professor of Information Science at Loughborough University and is a respected authority on legal issues in information work, electronic publishing and other aspects of scholarly communication. He has also researched and published on topics such as bibliometrics, open access and the scholarly publishing industry.

Charles will be opening our afternoon programme with his short talk LIS Research: A personal view at 13:40. In the meantime, you can find him on Twitter as @CharlesOppenh.