Digital footprints in the transition out from university

Digital footprints in the transition out from university
Rob Howe and Penelope Stanton

Abstract: Transition Out (TO?) is a six month intensive investigation funded as part of the URB@N project looking at how students want to use (or are already using) technology which will assist as they look towards completing their course and moving into employment or other future opportunities. This could be any type of technology ranging from mobile devices, social networking and cloud services. Students may not realise that the activities they are doing will assist with their transitions – they might be actively collaborating with peers using time management or planning tools, or generally enhancing their skills and experience using a range of technology.

View full abstract [PDF]

Previous / planned dissemination of this work: Planned to present at the Employer Engagement in a Digital Age conference – Greenwich, 4th July.

Presenter: Rob Howe

Rob HoweI am Head of Learning Technology and manager of the Learning Technology Team. I am interested in all technology and environments which enhance teaching, learning and future opportunities. I have previously been involved in research around the learner experience, institutional change and open educational resources.

Presenter: Penelope Stanton

I am completing my final year of a two year fast-track BA Marketing degree at the university.  I have been involved in the URB@N research project investigating students use of technology with an interest in the effect on their future careers.  My previous study and employment centred on the areas of motorsport and engineering.


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