Pilot of on-line maths tutorials: you can lead a horse to water…

Pilot of on-line maths tutorials: you can lead a horse to water…
Paul Rice

Abstract: Currently any student from any course is able to access 1:1 tuition by attending drop-in sessions, which take place throughout the week on both campuses of the University. This pilot was initially designed to provide engineering students, who were not regularly on campus, the opportunity to access maths support  but was subsequently opened up to all students. The pilot was designed to use in conjunction with Skype and Uniboard software and was offered early mornings and evenings for additional convenience.

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Acknowledgements: I acknowledge the support of Sigma in providing funding for the work described in this presentation.

Presenter: Paul Rice

Paul RiceI work as a Maths Tutor at the Centre for Academic Practice, University of Northampton. As part of my role I have three main responsibilities. I offer 1:1 help and support with any maths/statistics related query for students on any course. I run a GCSE maths course for any student wishing to obtain a grade C or above for professional development. Finally I also assist staff by presenting ad hoc presentations on any mathematical content or provide them with the support to present the material themselves.


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