Research data management: life beyond the laptop

Research data management: life beyond the laptop
Miggie Pickton 

Abstract: The University of Northampton was one of the first UK universities to create a policy for the management of research data and has recently approved a roadmap describing how it will embed good data management practice across the institution.   This presentation explains the drivers behind the policy and roadmap, how they will be implemented, and the benefits that will accrue to researchers at Northampton.

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Previous / planned dissemination of this work:

Previous presentations:

Pickton, M. (2011) Reaching researchers through their data: a Data Asset Framework case study. Invited Presentation to: Repository Support Project (RSP) Winter School, Bassenthwaite, Lake District, 09-11 February 2011. [Available in NECTAR]

Pickton, M. (2011) Institutional measures to encourage and facilitate effective data management and sharing. A matter of cash, careers or cultural change? Invited Presentation to: Research Data Management Forum (RDMF) 7: Incentivising Data Management & Sharing, University of Warwick, 02-03 November 2011. [Available in NECTAR]

Forthcoming presentation:

Pickton, M., Jones, S. and Guy, M. (2012) Leading from the library: data management initiatives at The University of Northampton.  Presentation to: World Library and Information Congress 78th IFLA General Conference and Assembly, Helsinki, Finland, 11-17 August 2012.

Acknowledgements: We acknowledge the support of the JISC in providing funding for some of the work described in this presentation.

Presenter: Miggie Pickton

As Research Support Librarian I am responsible for providing support to the university’s research community and coordinating and managing practitioner research within the Department of Library and Learning Services.  Within the library and information community I speak and publish on the subjects of repositories, research data management and the role of librarians as researchers.


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