Scaffolding librarians: enhancing student success

Scaffolding librarians: enhancing student success
Hannah Rose and Heather McBryde-Wilding

Abstract: This presentation details a successful change in learning and teaching practice by the librarians at the University of Northampton, following the findings of an action research project involving the Early Childhood Studies undergraduate course. Library support moved from a traditional model of a library induction followed by a one-hour practical information skills sessions in year one, to a scaffolding approach. Transitional scaffolding was positively evaluated, e.g. students reported greater confidence levels in accessing appropriate resources and the course had a higher Internal Student Survey (ISS) score compared to previous years. The practical outcomes are now being applied to other courses across the School of Education at the University.

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Previous / planned dissemination of this work:

Lumsden, E., McBryde-Wilding, H. and Rose, H. (2010) Collaborative practice in enhancing the first year student experience in Higher Education. Enhancing the Learner Experience in Higher Education [online]. 2 (1), 12-24. Available from:

Lumsden, E., McBryde-Wilding, H. and Rose, H. (2010) Transitional Dialogues: An evaluation of the impact of collaborative practice in enhancing the first year student experience of assessment in Higher Education In: University of Northampton Learning and Teaching Conference 2010: Learning Dialogues, Thursday 13 May 2010. Northampton: University of Northampton.

McBryde-Wilding, H. and Rose, H. (2011) Scaffolding Librarians: Enhancing student success. In: Edge Hill University SOLSTICE eLearning and CLTR Conference 2011: Effective practices: Enhancing learning, teaching and student success. Wednesday 8 – Thursday 9 June 2011. Ormskirk: Edge Hill University.

Acknowledgements: The research was a collaborative project involving the two presenters and Eunice Lumsden, Course Leader for BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies.

Presenter: Hannah Rose

Hannah RoseI am an Academic Librarian working with the School of Education. I have worked in Librarianship for six years. I started my professional career as a Trainee Liaison Librarian at the University of Reading, before joining Library and Learning Services at the University of Northampton. In 2011 I was awarded a University Teaching Fellowship for my involvement in a collaborative research project exploring first year students’ experience of H.E.. My interest in this project was the use of a ‘scaffolded’ approach to support the development of students’ information skills. I am currently developing this interest through research looking at the potential of reading lists as a pedagogical tool to scaffold the development of information skills amongst foundation degree students.

Presenter: Heather McBryde-Wilding

Heather McBryde-WildingI am currently the Head of Service Development with the Customer Service Team at both sites. I have over 20 years experience in Librarianship; the majority working in Academic Librarianship. In 2009 I co-wrote a book ‘Information skills for Education students.’  This was followed by a collaborative project focussing on first year students’ information skills, which led to me being awarded a University Teaching Fellowship in 2011. My research interests are now around the provision of an excellent frontline customer experience for students, and how new approaches such as roving help can provide timely ‘point of need’ assistance.


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