Supply and demand – researching mobile services for the University

Supply and demand – researching mobile services for the University
Julie Usher

Abstract:  Developments in mobile technology over the past few years have opened up new opportunities for the University to improve the student experience. From just-in-time information delivery to more flexible learning and teaching models, the potential is already considerable and expanding fast. In order to really take advantage of these innovations though, we need to ensure that any mobile developments align closely with the needs of students and staff.

In 2010 the Learning Technology team set up the Mobile Access to Teaching and Learning (MALT) project, to investigate some of these issues. As part of this, the University now runs an annual ‘Mobile Survey’, asking staff and students what technology they have access to, and how they would like to use it. This presentation will discuss some of the findings to date, and give an overview of new developments being implemented in response to them.

Presenter: Julie Usher

Julie UsherI’m a Learning Technologist, supporting the Schools of Arts and Science and Technology. I have worked at UoN (off and on) for 6 years. Although I support staff and students using a range of technologies for learning and teaching, my main research interest is in mobile learning. I have presented at a number of national and international conferences on the subject and am currently working with academic staff at the University to research how mobile technologies can support their teaching practice.


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