The iconography of the library, or “We always come here”

The iconography of the library, or “We always come here”
Chris Powis, Kate Littlemore, Georgina Dimmock and Katie Fraser

Abstract: The University of Northampton and De Montfort University are working together to analyse the use of social learning spaces within a Higher Education setting using qualitative and quantitative research methods.  The group is intending to reproduce earlier work that mapped the university campuses to provide a comparative understanding of where students work and then interview students in situ to gather a rationale for their choice of space. These findings will then be developed to understand how narratives of learning spaces are constructed, the concept of identity in the selection of space and the notion of spaces such as the library holding an iconic status within centres of learning.

View full abstract [PDF]

Presenter: Kate Littlemore

Kate LittlemoreI am the Head of Learning Development (job share with Georgina Dimmock) within Library and Learning Services. This role involves managing a team of Academic Librarians and the Centre for Academic Practice.  I have worked in Librarianship for over 10 years in a variety of settings such as: FE and HE; Public Libraries and Corporate Institutions. I am a Chartered Librarian and an Associate of the Higher Education Academy.

Co-author: Georgina Dimmock

Georgina Dimmock is Head of Learning Development (job-share with Kate Littlemore) within Library and Learning Services.  Her research interests include digital literacy, but in particular information visualisation, visual and media data skills and their link to graduate employability.

Previously she has received funding from ARLIS (Art Libraries Society UK) to undertake research into visual literacy, employability and the role of librarians.

Georgina is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Co-author: Chris Powis

Chris PowisI have a long standing interest in the role of librarians as teachers. In recent years this has expanded to include the development of learning spaces and in particular, the notion of the library as an ‘iconic’ space within a university.

Co-author: Katie Fraser (De Montfort University)


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