The student experience of patron-driven ebooks at the University of Northampton

The student experience of patron-driven ebooks at the University of Northampton
Joanne Farmer and Charlotte Heppell

Abstract: In 2010, the University introduced Patron-Driven Acquisition (PDA) of ebooks in order to improve student feedback on resources.

PDA offers students the chance to rent titles which are not currently owned, with the Library paying the cost of the rental. Subsequent rentals trigger an automatic purchase of the book, giving students the opportunity to collaborate with the Library in collection development activities.

This presentation will offer delegates the chance to engage in a discussion around the benefits and pitfalls of patron-driven ebooks and disseminate the findings of an URB@N research project into student experience and satisfaction with this service.

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Acknowledgements: This project has been carried out in conjunction with the URB@N project.

Presenter: Charlotte Heppell

I am the Academic Librarian for the School of Social Sciences. I have worked at UoN for 3 years with a background in early years/school and college settings. I am a Chartered Librarian and a Fellow of the HEA. My current research interests are around access to resources – both print and electronic and how we can develop a seamless and intuitive experience for our students. At the moment, I am focussing on PDA; not just the student experience but how we can improve the service and make it sustainable and I am also looking at 3rd year History reading list resources and their impact on the NSS.

Presenter: Joanne Farmer

I am the Academic Librarian for the Northampton Business School and have worked at UoN for 10 years.  I have also worked for the Institute of Management (now Chartered Managers’ Institute), the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce and the Learning and Skills Council.  I am currently interested in how libraries support international students and lead an ‘International and Distance Learners’ strategic team within Library and Learning Services.   My research interests also include the use of ebooks within libraries, in particular, the student experience of using the patron-driven service.


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