Spreading the ‘C’ word




When we decided to hold a conference to showcase LLS research, it was initially going to be aimed purely at academic staff within the University. After some early planning discussions, the organisers came to the conclusion that it would be great to open it up to the LIS community too. With the diverse nature of our own research interests and external organisations we have links to, we were able to create a list of contacts and JISC mail lists that would ensure we advertised the conference as far and wide as possible.

However, as a JISC mail subscriber, I receive many emails promoting conferences and it can sometimes be a bit wearing when another one pops into your inbox. There’s always that worry that the ‘C’ word will induce a sense of apathy on the part of the receiver (press delete!) but what has been really remarkable is the amount of interest that we have attracted. It seems we have struck a chord in the zeitgeist of the Library world.

Over the last week or two we have concentrated on promoting the conference internally, which is now coming to fruition as exam fever starts to abate and our academic staff are able to draw breath and look at their emails.

An event such as this is so important for HE libraries; too often we carry out formal and informal research to inform our practice and improve our services, but we are not so good at sharing the results with our stakeholders.

We are really pleased that the conference will bring together such a diverse group of delegates and look forward to the discussion it will generate.