Design fit for a conference

I volunteered to be part of the Library and Learning Services Conference team not just because I think it’s a great idea (which I absolutely do), but also because I am passionate about the use of great design in LLS’s publicity and marketing. If we were going to hold a conference, I wanted to ensure that our promotional material reflected the professionalism of the conference content.

I think there is always a temptation to think we can do these things ourselves because we may know how to use design software packages. Nothing compares though, to the skill of a good designer who understands how to fuse the important elements of typography, size, use of space and memorable imagery together to create a clear and consistent concept. HeppDesigns was commissioned for the project as we had collaborated before and knew we would get a fantastic result.

Creating the design brief was fairly straightforward but still required a good deal of thought. The designer needs to have an understanding of the nature, structure and objectives of the organisation they are creating for, as well as explicit knowledge of the design ‘problem’ to be solved and the target audience. I personally think that a good brief will also contain keywords and phrases (like any good librarian) which inform the designer but give them the freedom to experiment (don’t design for the designer – they hate it!). The phrase “research active” was used in the brief and I was really pleased to see that it became a slogan in its own right.

The essence of the conference is beautifully conveyed in the final artwork; the boldness and simplicity of a multitude of intertwined neurons give an infinite sense of connecting, sharing and networking which is, after all, our raison d’être.