Silver in the CILIP PPRG Marketing Excellence Awards 2012!

More great news!

We have just heard that we have won Silver in the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals PPRG Marketing Excellence Awards.

On behalf of the conference committee, I am off to collect the award and deliver a presentation on our publicity campaign, on the 9th November at Peters Bookselling Services, Birmingham.

These awards are in recognition of publicity campaigns which involve several elements, such as print, promotional events or displays, e-marketing and use of media. The judges looked at evidence of the campaign’s impact and effectiveness and the judging criteria were as follows:

  • Effective use of a combination of marketing communications activities
  • Originality of concept and suitability to target market
  • Quality of graphics, design and copywriting
  • Innovative use of new media
  • Success of events in terms of feedback, attendance (if applicable), and press coverage (if applicable)
  • Timing, message and consistency of marketing communications
  • Effective use of resources
  • Effective use of project budget

Putting together our application was trickier that organising the conference and the team did spend some time wrestling with the concept of publicising the publicity for the conference rather than the conference itself, but now it all seems worth it.




All set for the LLS conference poster competition!

Photo: Nadeem Khan

For all those artistic & creative souls in LLS, the conference poster competition is now open. The goal is to create an attractive, eye-catching practitioner research poster, communicating research on just one A1 sheet. The posters will be displayed at the conference on June 19 at Sunley Conference Centre and will be judged by Simone Apel, Research Training Coordinator for the Graduate School.

Involving staff from all areas of the department, Simone has delivered a training session on Poster Design to our brave competitors and offered advice and guidelines for producing their academic poster.

Criteria for judging includes:

  •  A well-constructed and attractive A1 poster, portrait or landscape
  • Careful selection of content, well-written and condensed
  • Consistent & skilful use of colour, space, typeface and layout
  • Relevant visuals & images

Good luck, everyone!